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☕ [Legacy] Geoff & Zoe Thatcher 🇺🇸 father and daughter company 👨‍👧 Creative Principals 💡

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Interesting in hiring a son or a daughter? This one is for you!

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GEOFF THATCHER is Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Creative Principals. He’s had a long career creating brand experiences, visitor centers, museums, theme parks and live events, before launching his own experience design firm in 2017. His eclectic background always delivers a fresh perspective. His experience includes everything from the grand opening of Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi to the renovated American Airlines Museum in Texas. Whether it’s the world’s largest video dome on a beach in Dubai or the opening ceremonies of the Rio 2007 Pan American Games in Maracanā Stadium, Geoff has been there. Thatcher is also a writer and teacher who has ghostwritten books, published blogs and even facilitated a leadership communication workshop at The CIA University (yes, that CIA).

ZOE THATCHER is a designer and illustrator at Creative Principals. From character design and storyboards to costume design and aerial perspectives, Zoe has an innate ability to tell a story through her art. Before joining Creative Principals in August 2019, she worked as a costume designer at Weissman in St. Louis, one of the largest dance wear companies in the United States. Her projects at Creative Principals include everything from costume designs for the grand opening of Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi to concept renderings for a water purification plant visitor center in Jacksonville.  Zoe graduated summa sum laude from Auburn University in 2018, where she was named the female scholar athlete of the year as an NCAA Championships qualifying swimmer.

Through creative storytelling and bold illustrations, THE CEO'S TIME MACHINE(Casa Flamingo Literary Arts, June 1, 2020), brings readers on an unexpected journey: an outgoing CEO walks his protégé, through a strange garage rumored to house a top-secret time machine.  This business parable powerfully reminds readers that envisioning the future doesn't mean forgetting about the past or ignoring the present. THE CEO'S TIME MACHINE examines numerous business axioms such as, how:

·         The value of a business is the sum of its decisions,

·         Practicing hearing others and being heard could make you billions,

·         Business can challenge your ethics,

·         Creativity and imagination are limited by perspective,

·         Recognizing your part in “the giggle test” can lead to success or failure,

·         Corporations, by their nature, conspire against the future,

·         Middle managers can squash ideas without realizing their impact,

·         Innovative ideas become politicized and positioned right out of existence, and

·         Breaking down the CEO filter (how employees speak when the CEO is listening) can ignite innovation.